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Terms and Conditions


Annexure to all P.Os
Material Specification: Our Purchase order (PO) has all the details like material specification, supply condition, brand preference, size, quantity, packing etc. Your supply must confirm exactly to our requirements. Any deviation unless pre-approved by us in writing will not be acceptable to us and we will reject the consignment.
Material Quality: All supplies should be accompanied by producer’s Test Certificate mentioning chemicalcomposition, surface condition, physical and mechanical properties. For supplies directly received from producer Mill, we shall accept the Test Certificate provided by the producer. For material supplied by dealer, we will further test the material at our end through NABL accredited Laboratory and if any deviations noticed, the material will be rejected.
Delivery Schedule: As per our Purchase order, if we have requested for staggered delivery schedule, it must be honoured strictly. If the supplier envisages any change in the schedule as per our PO, it must be informed to us well in advance and executed only after our approval. We can even reject the revision in schedule if it will affect our commitment to our clients.
PRICE: The Price quoted in the PO cannot be changed during the tenure of this PO unless mutually discussed and agreed upon.
Packaging: Even when our PO does not carry any special instruction, it is mandatory on the part of the supplier to ensure proper packing of goods to ensure no transit damage to the material.
Insurance: All CIF consignments must be insured for transit Risk (Loss/damages) by supplier and policy reference must be shared with us. In case of FOB /EX works pricing, please share weight and size details with us in advance to organise transit insurance by us. For local deliveries, delivery of goods without damage is the responsibility of supplier.
Documentation: List of documents to accompany consignment.
  • Full sets of manually signed commercial Invoice (1 original + 3 copies).
  • Manually signed Packing List, (1 original + 3 copies for Imports).
  • For imported consignments, Certificate of origin issued by competent authorities (1 original + 1 copy).
  • Test certificate to be issued by the producer with all details like chemical composition, physical & mechanical properties and surface condition for every product.
  • Complete sets of clean on board Bill of Landing /Lorry way Bill.
  • Catalogues, Technical data, warranty documents if any.
Transit Damage: Any physical damage to the consignment or any defects noticed will be informed to supplier within two weeks of arrival and supplier will be required to make free replacement.
Quality issues: In case we refer to any quality issues from our customers, mill must take immediate action to respond and resolve the issue including a visit by technical person.
Legal jurisdiction: Any legal disputes will be within Bengaluru jurisdiction.
Supply of Aerospace Grades: If you are a producer, you must have a valid AS9100 certification which must be shared with us and in case you are a dealer you must have a valid AS 9120B certification, to be shared with us. As a dealer you will also share Histogram of the material for purpose of traceability.
External Processing: In case some of the operations are outsourced to meet our requirements, please ensure that those sources are in your approved list of processors. The same needs to be confirmed to us.
Right to Access to facilities for inspection: In case ourselves, or any of our clients or any other regulatory authorities requires access to the applicable areas of your facilities and to applicable documented information, at any level of the supply chain, you shall concedeto the requirements.
Ethical Behaviour: Supplier should be aware of the importance of ethical behaviour & their contribution to product safety.
Non Conformity: Supplier shall be required to notify MSSPL and take prior approval of nonconforming processes, products, or services to us and obtain approval for their disposition.
Counterfeit materials: Supplier shall confirm to us that they will not use suspected unapproved and counterfeit materials.
Change in Process: Supplier shall notify MSSPL of changes to processes, products or services including changes of their external providers or location of manufacture.
Retention Period: You shall confirm to us that product related documentation shall be available and produced to us,as and when we ask for it within a maximum period of 10 days from the date of Invoice.
Product Safety: All necessary action will be undertaken by supplier to ensure product safety till it reaches our works.